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brief update*

I bought a package of the Hanes Classic mid-rise briefs (colored black), sized M (32-34). Although those do seem to have the right height, they are a little loose and uncomfortable. So those are out.

I made a mistake in my earlier entry about "pants" (July 14). The Fruit of the Loom briefs that I bought were size S. Even better, size S for them is 30-32, which is exactly the correct range for me. So they fit just fine. Fruit of the Loom wins! I'm also amused by them because the waistband is labelled "FTL" around the outside, rather than "FOTL" or "Fruit of the Loom". And I automatically read "FTL" as "faster than light", because I'm a sci-fi geek. So apparently my underwear's rated for faster-than-light travel.

Because I've already tried a few different kinds of underwear to find what's comfortable, I figured I might as well try a few more kinds, sticking with the Fruit of the Loom brand and size S (30-32). So I bought some boxer briefs, and I bought some mid-rise (or "fashion") briefs - yes, even though they came in non-white colors.

The boxer briefs are... different. About halfway through the day when I first tried them, I realized it felt like I was wearing swim trunks under my pants. They're okay, but I definitely prefer real briefs over these weird hybrid things.

I found that I really like the mid-rise "fashion" briefs. They're comfortable and fit well. So now I'm trying to decide whether I like them more than the regular white briefs, or equally. The Fruit of the Loom mid-rise briefs only seem to come in packages of 5, though - which is what I had to buy to try them - and I've also got six of the regular white briefs. So it's not like I have to decide soon, because I've got plenty of underwear for now. (Yes, I do laundry every week.)

(*Note: it's my journal and I'll pun if I want to.)


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