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2008 concert reviews

2008 was a busy year for concert-going. I went to four shows in April, five shows in September, and another five shows in November, plus Bumbershoot. Although I went to only one concert in each of five other months, that still brings my average up above 2 shows a month, not counting Bumbershoot.

Standout performances included Freezepop headlining their show in August, and Battles on Monday afternoon at Bumbershoot. I fell deeply in love with Hotels, I regretted not seeing Sons and Daughters at Neumos after their great set at the Triple Door (and partly made up for it by seeing them at Bumbershoot), and I continued to love Annuals.

January 2008
One concert at Nectar Lounge
Beehive, Furniture Girls, Aaron Daniels

February 2008
First concert at the Triple Door
Mono in VCF, The Elephants

Second concert at the Triple Door
Keren Ann, Dean & Britta

Third concert at Neumos
Emilia, Beehive, Furniture Girls

March 2008
One concert at the Showbox at the Market
X, Skybombers, Guns & Rossetti

April 2008
First concert at the High Dive
Mono in VCF, Cancer Rising, A Gun That Shoots Knives, The Transmissionary Six, The Dimes

Second concert at Neumos
Meat Beat Manifesto, Raz Mesinai

Third concert at El Corazón
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Miss Solar System, Furniture Girls, and the Urban Bombshells burlesque troupe

Fourth concert at the Triple Door
Sons and Daughters

May 2008
One concert at the Showbox at the Market
Ladytron, Datarock

June 2008
First concert at Neumos
Times New Viking, Annuals, Psychedelic Horseshit, Fabulous Diamonds

Second concert at Neumos
Mono in VCF, Ivan & Alyosha, The Purrs, and a fourth band who may or may not have been The Major Cities

July 2008
One concert at the Showbox SoDo
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, The Mighty Underdogs, Greyskul

August 2008
First concert at the Sunset Tavern
Film School, The Purrs, Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Second concert at El Corazón
Freezepop, The Fading Collection, Blue Light Curtain, Ambulance for Angeles, Cursed Lullaby

Bumbershoot 2008 (August & September)
Beehive, Barcelona, Byron Au Yong, Mono in VCF

Sons and Daughters, Final Fantasy

Battles, Mike Doughty, Minus the Bear

September 2008
Five concerts, in one summary post:
Hotels, Motorist at Nectar Lounge
TV on the Radio at the Showbox SoDo
Balkan Beat Box, DeLeon, The Bad Things at Neumos
Goldfrapp at the Showbox SoDo
KJ Sawka, EOTO, DJ NoiseMaker at Nectar Lounge

October 2008
First concert at the Sunset Tavern
Hotels, Motorik, Denelian

Second concert at Nectar Lounge
Asobi Seksu

November 2008
First concert at Nectar Lounge
DJ Spooky, eR DoN, M'Chateau

Second concert at Nectar Lounge
Halou presents Stripmall Architecture, The Fading Collection, Obelus

Third concert at the Triple Door
My Brightest Diamond, Clare & the Reasons

Fourth concert at Neumos
Yeasayer, Icy Demons

Fifth concert at the Showbox at the Market
Minus the Bear, Annuals, Helms Alee

December 2008
One concert at the Comet Tavern
Tea for Julie, Hotels, Altspeak, Pillow Army
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