Philip (philaros) wrote,

random violin moment

KEXP just played a song I've never heard, "Kick the Tragedy", by a band I've never heard of, the Drop Nineteens, although the DJ described it as an "older" tune. (Checking Wikipedia, I see that they were a Boston band active in the early '90s.) From the very first notes it was clearly a cool shoegazer track and I immediately decided I loved the song having heard all of one line of music.

A few weeks ago I finally made myself pull my violin out of my bedroom closet and put it under the futon in the living room where it'd be more easily accessible, in an attempt to get myself to actually play a bit. For some reason, hearing this song made me actually take the violin out of the case and try just matching notes as the song played, to see what would sound good with it. It was a pretty simple song, just alternating two chords, but as a violinist I'm not used to thinking about chords so this was an easy opportunity for me to think about what worked. I didn't do much else, not even try to come up with rhythmic patterns, but just getting out the violin to play along is something.

I might even have played some more, but I haven't had dinner yet and I must make pancakes. Still, I'll have to do that more.
Tags: kexp, me, music, violin

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