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upcoming October and November shows

I regret that I didn't post about upcoming shows sooner, because I missed the opportunity to tell you that Hotels were playing on Thursday this week at the Sunset Tavern. They played a great set, and I'll have a write-up soon. Meanwhile you could mark your calendars now as they're playing at the Comet Tavern on Sunday December 7, and although I think the Comet's a lousy place for shows, I'll still go for Hotels - but that's a ways off, and I have other shows to tell you about.

This coming Monday (the 27th) I'm babysitting for the Dowlers so they can go see Sam Phillips at the Triple Door - that show's $25 and starts at 7:30.

Also on Monday night, NYC dreampop band Asobi Seksu are at Nectar Lounge, doors at 8 pm, $10, and since they're headlining I'm hoping that I can get there after babysitting in time to see them.

ALSO on Monday, my friends and "old favorite" Seattle band Beehive are at Chop Suey opening for Fujiya & Miyagi (8 pm, $12). Man, with all that great music on Monday, how can you not be going out to a show?

Also next week on Wednesday the 29th, Lykke Li is at Neumos (doors at 8 pm, $15), and I like what I've been hearing of her on KEXP so I might try to catch that show.

November begins next week on Saturday, and DJ Spooky will be at Nectar Lounge that night for a show that should be pretty interesting. 9 pm, $12, and I expect this will sell out so I'll be buying an advance ticket this weekend.

Halou will also be at Nectar Lounge on Sunday the 9th (8 pm, $8); I was thoroughly satisfied when I finally got to see them for the first time at the beginning of 2007, and I'm looking forward to their return.

My Brightest Diamond is at the Triple Door on Wednesday the 19th (7:30 pm, $20); I've been enjoying their beautiful and spooky first album and I think they'll be worth seeing live.

Yeasayer are at Neumos on Thursday the 20th (8 pm, $15); their show last January at Neumos sold out, and I expect this one will as well, so again I'll be getting advance tickets.

Finally, I'm especially excited that Annuals are back in town, opening for Minus the Bear, at the (original) Showbox on Saturday the 22nd (8 pm, $20). If you've been reading along this year, you know Annuals are not a band to miss, and you know that I'll be at the show - I even planned my flight back East for Thanksgiving to be on Monday so that I wouldn't miss this.
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