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Jeremy's visit, in photos

Recently my sister Andrea joked that my brother Jeremy's visit hasn't happened until I put up a "review" of it in my journal.

So: my brother Jeremy came for a week's visit, his first trip to Seattle and the West Coast.
pizza punk

Nimiel warmed up to Jeremy right away:
Nimiel's comfortable

but Jeremy is allergic to cats, so he had a bit of a rough time with sneezing all week:
ahh-- --choo!
(These photos are at Piecora's Pizza, one of the better pizza places in Seattle.)

We walked around different parts of Seattle, including Capitol Hill:
Jeremy shoots through and through

the Arboretum/Montlake and Fremont/Wallingford:
arboretum boardwalk beautiful day by the lake

Ballard and Magnolia:
shadowspirals Discovery beach

and other spots where I didn't get photos, including Pike Place Market, the Seattle Public Library, and the way-cool Museum of Flight.

We also went to see Balkan Beat Box on Saturday night and Goldfrapp on Wednesday night:
Balkan Beat Box Goldfrapp

We also went to Cape Disappointment State Park, at the mouth of the Columbia River, the southwest corner of Washington state:
Disap-viewpoint-ment the bluffs

And we went to Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park:
no trail mountain meadow

paradise alta vista

It was a very full week and we had a great time. See all the photos in the set "Jeremy visits Seattle 2008".

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