Philip (philaros) wrote,

Andrea & Jen's visit, in photos

My sister Andrea and her partner Jen came for a visit:
Jen & Andrea

Andrea played in an improvised music concert led by Bob Marsh:
Bob Marsh conducting

We went out to dinner a lot, sometimes with Jen's family or my friends:
breakfast conversation Gabriel: look!

We toured the Theo Chocolate factory in Fremont, visited Discovery Park at sunset, and the Olympic Sculpture Park:
coffee chocolate collage checking out the photo twilight kayak

We visited Jen's aunt's cabin on Marrowstone Island, where it was rather grey, cold, and rainy:
the cabin command performance view out the window not so fun

Nimiel was nervous about the visitors for the better part of the first week, but eventually grew to love them... or at least to love Jen's hair:
Nimiel loves hair
and the shopping bags:
caught in her lair

See all of the photos in the set "Andrea & Jen visit 2008".
Tags: family, photos, seattle, vacation

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