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long week

A week ago Thursday, my friends Doug and Eldy arrived for the Go Play Northwest 2008 game convention. Everyone had a great time, and the only big disappointment was that the local restaurant where we planned to have our Friday evening gathering somehow completely forgot our scheduled event and did not have the room reserved or buffet prepared. We still squeezed in there as best we could and had a decent gathering despite the slow service. It's funny how last year our social gathering was totally impromptu and worked out really well, while this year's failed to happen as planned despite our efforts. Hopefully next year it'll work out as intended.

For me, entirely through my own fault this con wasn't as good as last year's, as I did not play as many games as I would've liked, and should've signed up to some in advance. Still, the games I did play were fun. I also ran a game, a playtest session using a modified version of AGON to play Shadowrun. I was not as prepared as I should have been, so the gameplay was rougher than it should've been and we did not get through the whole scenario. Still, everyone enjoyed it and the basic points of the conversion seem to work well.

After the con, Doug and Eldy stayed through the following week, Eldy leaving Friday afternoon and Doug leaving earlier this evening. We went to see Iron Man, which was very entertaining. We played Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition on Tuesday with my regular gaming group (minus Tony), which was a lot of fun, and then balanced that out on Wednesday with a game of In a Wicked Age set in Talislanta (using the Talislanta oracle on Abulafia), and that was also a lot of fun. Apart from all the geekery, there was just general hanging out, going out to dinner, and having a good time visiting with my friends. Eldy's moving to Shanghai next week, planning to live there with his family for the next several years, so I'm very happy he was able to come out for this visit, and of course I'm always glad to have Doug come out and join in the gaming and geekery.

In between all that, I fit in snippets of work on my current big project, which now has a looming deadline and still a lot to be reviewed and edited. So although I'd like to take things easy next week after this busy run-around week, I'm going to have to get a lot done, starting right after I make this post.
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