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April 2008 concert 4: Sons and Daughters at the Triple Door

Yesterday afternoon I had the good fortune to see Sons and Daughters performing at The Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club concert series. These concerts are recorded live and broadcast later in the same afternoon, and they are only about 45 minutes long with no opening act. The band professed bemusement a few times at finding themselves playing an early afternoon show, saying it felt like a David Lynch film, but they didn't let the weird feeling hold them back, and they delivered a great show.

Sons and Daughters are the quartet of Adele Bethel (vocals, tambourine), Scott Paterson (guitar, vocals), Ailidh Lennon (bass), and David Gow (drums). They played an energetic set of punk-influenced indie rock. Their previous album, The Repulsion Box, featured acoustic guitars and mandolin and had more of a folk-punk sound; judging by the new songs at this show, the band has gone electric on the new album This Gift, taking cues from '80s and '90s Britpop. Naturally their set favored the new album, but they also played a few older songs, including "Dance Me In" from the previous one and "Johnny Cash" from their first album Love the Cup. Although none of the new songs have caught my ear as strongly as "Red Receiver" did when The Repulsion Box came out, hearing them in concert made me feel remiss for not having picked up This Gift yet. The fancy cabaret seating of The Triple Door almost worked against the band, as their music called for some stomping and dancing, not just mild finger-and-toe-tapping. However, the audience still gave back as much enthusiasm as Sons and Daughters offered with their passionate performance. All too soon the concert was over, and I regretted that I had not made arrangements to attend their show at Neumos that night, as it would've been totally worthwhile to see them twice in one day, but still even the short show made me very happy.

This time I was close enough to the stage to get decent photos... but the head of the hat-wearing gentleman seated in the row in front of me intruded in all the photos. Still, I went ahead and uploaded four of the better photos, starting here.

Once again, I will include the disclaimer that although I am a volunteer for KEXP, the opinions expressed in this review (and all others on my blog, for that matter) are solely my own and do not represent the views of KEXP.

May is upon us, and that means the Ladytron show at The Showbox is just a few weeks away on May 24. I haven't done a full calendar review yet, but I imagine it's likely I'll catch something else in May as well - a quick look at the Three Imaginary Girls calendar listings shows Film School playing with Swervedriver at Neumos on the 26th, for example. Also, Peter Murphy's playing at El Corazón on the 30th, but that's the first evening of our game convention Go Play NW, so I won't be able to make that show. I'll take another look through the club calendars soon and see whether there are any other smaller shows I might want to catch.
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