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health & music updates

Let's see, I have a bunch of general updates.

My dad's doing well, he's in a rehab center working with occupational and physical therapists to build up his strength. He's able to stand up and go for walks on his own now, and he's hoping he'll be able to go home next Monday. He said he's eager to get back home and start cooking again.

My nose has remained persistently congested since last week, with some sneezing bouts, but I haven't had a bad day of near-incapacitation since last Thursday. Tony did show up with Claritin later that evening, and that seemed to help for a couple hours but then the non-stop sneezing and nose-running resumed, so I just went to bed. But to my surprise, my nose behaved manageably well throughout the night. I don't see why lying down would make a difference, but in any case I've been better since then, although I'm still waiting for the rest of the congestion to clear up.

Nimiel's also been doing well, the medicine alleviated her symptoms pretty quickly. Unfortunately, after a few days she decided that she really doesn't like the medicine after all, so she's been fussing and making more effort to avoid the medicine and get away. Hopefully she won't start putting up a serious fight, we've still got at least another 9 days to go.

I finally settled on going to see X at The Showbox on Monday for my March show. I had decided to go direct to the Showbox's box office to get tickets for the Ladytron show coming up on May 24, because paying $8.75 extra per ticket as Ticketmaster's "convenience fee" is not as convenient as simply going downtown to the box office and paying only $2 extra for advance tickets. So when I finally got around to doing that last Monday, I checked and tickets were still available for X, so I got one. I'm not quite sure what to expect from the opening acts (or the audience), but it should be an interesting show.

I've also got my eye on a few concerts in April. There are three shows at Neumos I'm considering: Meat Beat Manifesto on Wednesday April 9, Simian Mobile Disco on Thursday April 24, and Sons and Daughters on Tuesday April 29. Of those I'm most likely to catch Sons and Daughters, but I did like Meat Beat Manifesto last time I saw them, and I've also been digging Simian Mobile Disco's current album Attack Decay Sustain Release, so if the shows don't sell out in advance I'll probably try going to each. However, there is another show in April that I will definitely attend: the live broadcast of KEXP's Audioasis local-music show at the High Dive on Saturday April 5. This show is part of their monthly series benefitting local charities, and this one benefits the Seattle Public Library Foundation. It's not so much the particular charity that's drawing me out as it is one of the bands on the lineup, Mono In VCF. I'm very interested to see how they sound in a small club, and whether they can recreate the ambience that fit so well at the Triple Door.

Finally, speaking of KEXP, I was very pleased on Tuesday to discover that the photo I took of "the last pledge" at KEXP's recent pledge drive was used (with credit to me) for an article on the Seattlest blog about KEXP's Radio Liberation NYC broadcasting project.
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