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goals for 2008

I've thought a little bit about setting goals for this year. Mostly I'm hung up on the need to increase my business; several other goals would depend on having an actual increase in my income, which means I need to have more work coming in more regularly. If I start with those, I have:

  • Professional
    1. Make new contacts to gain potential sources of work.
    2. Increase billable hours to 120 hours a month.
    3. Take a course related to graphic design and layout (most likely an intro to InDesign or Illustrator).
    4. Add page layout/desktop publishing to my portfolio and career.

  • Financial
    1. Attain some degree of financial stability, so I'm not worried about meeting my bills each month.
    2. Clear up my credit card debt.
    3. Put aside money to cover the last two parts of the dental work, getting the implant posts and then getting the actual false teeth.

  • Physical
    1. Get a bicycle (and use it).
    2. Continue martial arts training.

Sadly (pathetically?), I did not register to continue taking martial arts classes at Embrace the Moon this session, because my finances are still just too tight. So that goes back on the list of goals, although I hope to be able to afford the next session starting in mid-March and then just carry right on for the rest of the year.

As for other goals that aren't dependent on finances:

  • Musical
    1. Pull out my violin and do some practicing/playing on my own.
    2. Do more jamming with Tony Sacco and develop the songs we started working on.

  • Writing/Editing
    1. Earn another editor credit for a game book.
    2. Get my concert reviews out to a wider audience.

  • Local
    1. Rent a canoe or kayak and go paddling around on Lake Union or Lake Washington.
    2. Have dinner at the Space Needle.

I'm leaving out a couple past goals, writing weekly in this journal and attending concerts monthly, because I think they're established habits now. I expect to continue doing both those things and have little concern that I will fail, so they're not really goals anymore. I accomplished both my social goals last year, and I'm not sure about including any for this year. I'm going to carry on volunteering for KEXP, so there's no need to list it as a goal; if I were to have other social goals, I suppose they'd be something like "develop new friendships" and "go out on more dates", and I'm not sure it's useful at this point to list those things as goals.

I feel like I'm not putting down everything I could or should, like I'm missing some things. I'll have to think about this some more.



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Feb. 1st, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
as part of more work.. I think you should add... pay estimated income taxes through out the year... : )
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