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January 2008 concert #1: Beehive at Nectar Lounge

In December, I planned to attend a Beehive show but missed out due to being ill. Fortunately, Beehive have been busily scheduling shows, so last Wednesday night I was able to catch them at Nectar Lounge for my first show this month. Also on the bill was Furniture Girls and SXY; however, SXY cancelled and their place was taken by a musician named Aaron Daniels.

I arrived late at Nectar and walked in about halfway through Aaron Daniels' second-to-last song. Daniels was onstage with a couple microphones and no instruments; he used one microphone to sample himself beatboxing for backing vocals, and sang into the other. He reminded me of Reggie Watts, singing in a mixed style of soul and hiphop. Although I heard only a song and a half, he sounded pretty good and I wish I'd been on time for his whole set.

Furniture Girls performed as a quintet: the original "Furniture Girls" duo on lead vocals and backing vocals/samples, and a backing band of guitar, bass, and drums. Their music mixed funk and rock styles to produce a groovy, dance-oriented pop sound. The lead singer's strong voice was not matched by her backing vocalist, and sometimes the latter's part was hard to make out. This problem was brought into relief when they invited a friend called Mia up onstage to sing an additional part; Mia's own strong voice made a striking counterpoint to the lead singer, and the song sounded much more impressive for it. Overall the band sounded pretty good and were enjoyable, but didn't leave me eager to hear more.

Furniture Girls

Beehive, the duo of Alethea Eichhorn (laptops, keyboards, and vocals) and David Miller (electric and slide guitars, and vocals), brought a little sunshine to the cold grey winter night with their infectious mix of rock and breakbeat electronica. Large yellow paper flowers bedecked the stage, setting the scene for Beehive's bouncy beats and rocking riffs. They played a slightly longer than usual set, getting in a full hour of music, and that allowed them to play around with extended improvised sections on a few songs. The audience hung back through most of the set, but by the end they were more than willing to oblige when David demanded that everyone move up front and dance. Beehive seemed slightly unprepared for the extra time, as they chose to repeat "Better Than Lies" for their finale, but it was clear they wanted a song to make people dance and it worked. Their set was solid overall and the crowd enjoyed it. As always, I recommend catching Beehive whenever you can; their love of music and delight in performing make every show worthwhile.


Beehive are playing two more shows this month: Friday the 25th at Studio Seven as part of the Supernova "Out of the Garage" band competition series, and Thursday the 31st at The Comet Tavern. I'm not sure if I'll make it to the former show, but I know I've already got other plans for the latter one: also on Thursday the 31st, Black Mountain and Yeasayer will be rocking Neumos, along with MGMT. Looking ahead to February, the upcoming show I'm most excited about is the CD release party for Mono In VCF at The Triple Door on Saturday the 9th. Also in February, Editors are headlining The Showbox on Monday the 4th, while DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, with Kid Koala, are at The Showbox on Sunday the 10th. I don't know about these shows: I'd rather see Editors at a smaller venue (and wish I hadn't missed them last time they were in town and played Chop Suey); and although I expect the DJ Shadow show will be amazing, it's also expensive for me ($30 + fees) and it'll be completely packed (I'm a bit surprised it's not already sold out). I guess I'll see how I feel about it next week.
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