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concerts in Seattle 2004-2002

While I'm at it, I might as well summarize the concerts I can remember seeing in Seattle between moving here in March 2002 and starting my regular reviews in January 2005.

I mentioned some concerts in my posts during 2004. In April 2004 I saw Tara Jane ONeil (I think at the Sunset Tavern) for the first time in Seattle (having seen her once before, for the first time ever, back in Cambridge MA in 2001). A month later in May 2004 I saw TJO again, along with Mirah as the headliner and Liarbird opening, at the Vera Project. In October 2004 I saw Kinski for the first time ever, as well as Do Make Say ThInk and Sun Vow (under the name Odessa), at The Crocodile Cafe. In November 2004 I saw two shows, one featuring Freezepop at the now-closed Catwalk, and another featuring Saba and Library Science at Chop Suey (similar to the August 2005 show, though I don't recall who else was on this bill).

Prior to 2004, I didn't mention in any journal posts the concerts I attended, which is lame of me, so I have to go off memory. I saw Joe Jackson at The Showbox in August 2003. I saw Library Science a few times in 2003 - as Tony Sacco was still in the band, I made a point of catching all their shows - but I only remember that one show was at the Sunset Tavern and another was at the Comet Tavern, I don't recall when those shows were, who else was on the bill, or how many other shows with Library Science I might've seen. I have a feeling I went to see at least one other band in 2003, but I can't remember who it might've been. Perhaps it was Sing-Sing (who, I'm sad to see, have announced on their site that they are officially breaking up as of this month): their first album The Joy of Sing-Sing was released in the U.S. in 2002, so I'm guessing I saw them some time in the autumn of 2002, but they did two North American tours so it might've been early 2003. In any case I saw them at The Crocodile Cafe. Finally, though I don't recall exactly when it was, I do recall the first concert I saw in Seattle, some time in the summer of 2002, at the now-closed Sit 'n Spin. The concert featured (now-defunct) local band Orbiter, whose live set that afternoon on KEXP made me decide to attend the concert, and a cool live breakbeat duo called Siamese, which included KJ Sawka on drums. Siamese's six-song demo EP is still a favorite of mine, and I was rather pleased four years later when I finally found out that Sawka was now out playing under his own name. It's nice to think that there's a Seattle musician I've been following since I moved here, and that I can still rely on KEXP to help me find new music and concerts to attend.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention Interpol, whom I was fortunate to catch on their first American tour, when they were still playing small venues; they played live on KEXP on September 13, 2002, so that's very likely when I saw them. I do remember it was at Graceland, which is now El Corazón. I also saw the Cardigans, which probably was in the summer of 2003 as their fifth album, Long Gone Before Daylight, came out in March 2003; that show was at Neumos.
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