Philip (philaros) wrote,

2006 concert reviews summary

January 2006 at the Tractor Tavern
Carrie Akre with Matthew Lee Patrick

February 2006 at The Triple Door
Reggie Watts

March 2006, first concert, at High Dive
Beehive, The Fading Collection, Tekgnosis

March 2006, second concert, at Chop Suey
DJ Collage, Bethurum Collective, Bobcats, Beehive

April 2006, two concerts in one review
Rose Melberg at Velouria Boutique
Ladytron and The Presets at Neumos

May 2006 at The Showbox

June 2006 at The Crocodile Cafe
Kinski, The Lights, Welcome, Unnatural Helpers

July 2006 at The Sunset Tavern
Tara Jane ONeil, Nick Castro and the Young Elders, Jen Wood

August 2006 at The Crocodile Cafe
Young Fresh Fellows, The Paul Lynde Fanclub, The Nice Machine

September 2006 at Chop Suey
KJ Sawka, Solovox, Squid Leader

October 2006, first concert, at The Showbox
Ladytron and CSS

October 2006, second concert, at Nectar Lounge
Pnuma Trio and KJ Sawka

November 2006 at Chop Suey
Asobi Seksu, Tokyo Police Club, Pit Er Pat

December 2006 at The Comet Tavern
The High Violets, The Black Watch, Palodine
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