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The Lenin in Winter

The Lenin in Winter
Originally uploaded by Philaros
Yesterday I found that Lenin had got his scarf out for the winter. Last year he had a red scarf and mittens, but perhaps that's just his Christmas-time garb. This scarf, I think, is the UW colors, and I think they just won some important game of some kind, so that'd explain the choice.

Lenin got his scarf out just in time. Today it's been snowy. For a while this afternoon we had big, fat, fluffy flakes coming down, then eventually it turned into more of a frozen drizzle for a bit before letting up. Now it's gone back to snowing again, although it's pretty wet and it'll probably switch over to rain later. There's been a fair amount of OMGsnow!!! talk, which is understandable as it rarely snows here, but still a bit hyperbolic and over-dramatic as it doesn't look like it'll leave more than a dusty coating.

Lenin's better prepared for the winter than I am. I'm reasonably sure that my Doc Martens are worn out and no longer keep the wet out at all, but I haven't yet found new boots. I guess I'll try slathering on yet more of the pine-pitch leather conditioner/waterproofing and see if that helps.


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