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Last Friday, the 2nd, I went to Nectar Lounge for the third time in a week, this time to see Tunng playing an early, happy hour show. Although the show was billed in some listings as "Tunng and guests", I arrived at 6pm to discover a sign simply stating that Tunng would go onstage at 7. As it was an early show it didn't really need another act on the bill anyhow. I didn't really know what to expect for an audience, thinking a happy-hour show by a relatively unknown band might be sparsely attended, but in fact there was a good-sized and enthusiastic crowd, mostly filling the main floor.

Tunng are a sextet: Mike Lindsay (guitar/vocals), Sam Genders (guitar/vocals), Ashley Bates (guitar/vocals), Becky Jacobs (vocals/melodica/handbells/miscellaneous), Phil Winter (laptop - electronic beats and samples), and Martin Smith (miscellaneous bells and percussion/melodica/clarinet). Their music blended folk, electronica, and psychedelic rock into an eclectic, dreamy mix, at times reminiscent of Annuals, Ida, or Psapp, but always its own thing. Most of the songs featured choral singing by all four vocalists, although a couple had just Lindsay and Genders, and one featured Jacobs leading off the first verse on her own. Although the music was generally trippy or wistful, they rocked out more on the instrumental "Soup", which reminded me a bit of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells". Occasionally the electronic beats and samples were overly loud in comparison to the rest of the band, but mostly the sound was well balanced. I really enjoyed their set, as did the rest of the audience, and I picked up their latest CD Good Arrows afterward.

This review is short enough that I won't hide the photo behind a cut. Incidentally with all of these photos I post, clicking them will take you to my Flickr photo stream where you will find more of the band photos.

dual melodicas

Tomorrow, I should be seeing Annuals at the Crocodile Cafe, unless by some chance it sells out. After that, I have no plans until December - and in fact I don't yet see much of anything for December in the club calendars, with the exception of Maktub playing New Year's Eve at the Showbox, a show that I expect will sell out shortly after tickets go on sale tomorrow. However, several of the club calendars aren't yet full and there's still time for interesting things to pop up.

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