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  • Sun, 13:14: I appreciate how reliable a source @UrsulaV is for certain things. “Oh, I just saw a thread about how Easter’s not as pagan as people like to think… damn, didn’t bookmark it. Where was that? I bet Ursula retweeted it…” [scrolls back a bit] “Yup, there it is!”
  • Sun, 14:12: Like Jesus Christ coming back from the dead, @flappergrrrl will be on @kexp to tear your little world apart and break your soul apart—in the nicest way, of course! (Just hinting at an Easter-referential song there that Lisa might play…)
  • Sun, 15:28: Ooh! She’s responding to a tweet saying “can’t wait to hear more from you”—new music from @heyfrankierose is definitely something good to look forward to! (I’ll just tag @flappergrrrl on this and cheat a little as a second request—but she was going to play Garbage anyhow…)
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    Mon, 17:10: Hey @ tonydowler, @ ludopolitics’s got that game you were looking for to go with your recent highway artwork.…

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    Thu, 16:00: Although I don’t work in journalism and so my role as an editor is a bit different, I still naturally agree with everything…

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    Tue, 16:55: Well that was an unexpected delight: on the bus just now I heard @ kexp @ djjohnrichards asking @ kcmetrobus riders to wear masks…

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