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  • Mon, 16:48: RT @EricVulgaris: How's your TTRPG campaign going?
  • Mon, 17:28: This is a great presentation of what looks like a great project to make Tremont Street in Boston safer and better for all users—pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. But also, look at the great urban landscape! So much more of Seattle should look so much more like this.
  • Mon, 18:11: RT @BrittneyBush: 🎶Twenty-twenty-twenty for hours to goooooo I wanna be elected🎶
  • Tue, 03:00: I saw a reference to the Ting-Tings, and I can’t see their name without immediately thinking of this song, and I still can’t think of this song or see the video linked without immediately playing it; it’s that catchy.
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