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  • Wed, 16:15: Okay when this started, I thought it was a remix of Friendly Fires’ “Paris”. I then had to look up both songs to determine that “Paris” is the earlier, by two years, and now I have questions about the origins of this song.
  • Thu, 01:58: From the very first notes of the sped-up “Sanford & Son” theme, I said okay, I’m already all on board with this. @reverenddollars always has something interesting to play on the Overnight show on @kexp!
  • Thu, 05:51: @JohnACecil @keenonon p.s. I’m going to bed now as it’s past even my bedtime and my cat’s pointedly trying to get me to stop doing things and go sleep. Happy to pick up the discussion later if there are more replies.
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    Mon, 17:10: Hey @ tonydowler, @ ludopolitics’s got that game you were looking for to go with your recent highway artwork.…

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    Thu, 16:00: Although I don’t work in journalism and so my role as an editor is a bit different, I still naturally agree with everything…

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    Tue, 16:55: Well that was an unexpected delight: on the bus just now I heard @ kexp @ djjohnrichards asking @ kcmetrobus riders to wear masks…

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