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  • Mon, 17:41: I don’t recall seeing these before myself, but I feel like someone among my friends must have. Maybe @tonydowler, @Judd_of_Kryos, @EricVulgaris, @john_harper?
  • Mon, 18:27: RT @flappergrrrl: Hi everyone, I'll be filling in on @KEXP for Mike Ramos from 1-5AM later tonight! #kexp
  • Mon, 19:06: RT @PramilaJayapal: I was in the Capitol when Trump incited insurrectionists to launch a deadly attack. My colleagues and I know firsthand…
  • Mon, 19:07: RT @PattyMurray: There can be no normalizing or looking away from what played out before our eyes on January 6th. Now that the Article of I…
  • Mon, 19:07: RT @RepJayapal: He told them to “stand by.” Then he urged them to “fight like hell.” Next, he proclaimed, “we're going to the Capitol.” Th…
  • Mon, 19:28: RT @RepJayapal: No, no and no. These people committed crimes and should be charged. I was peacefully protesting Trump’s horrific policy o…
  • Tue, 04:33: I was saying to myself, what the hell is this song about anyhow, so I looked it up: “Martika wrote the song about a friend who was battling a cocaine addiction.” Huh! Also had no idea she’s American, I’d always assumed she was European; and she’s only a half-year older than me.
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    Mon, 17:10: Hey @ tonydowler, @ ludopolitics’s got that game you were looking for to go with your recent highway artwork.…

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    Thu, 16:00: Although I don’t work in journalism and so my role as an editor is a bit different, I still naturally agree with everything…

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    Tue, 16:55: Well that was an unexpected delight: on the bus just now I heard @ kexp @ djjohnrichards asking @ kcmetrobus riders to wear masks…

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