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out of my head

Lately I've been feeling that I'm in my head too much. I spend too much time in the same headspace, thinking about the same things over and over, and I need to break out of that. I spend too much time in my home, looking at the same things, and I need to get away from that, to get out more.

I've been trying to combat that by making myself go out to coffeeshops to work more often, but it can be hard to overcome my own inertia. I had been making slow progress toward getting up earlier in the morning, and then I had a cold a few weeks back that left me sick for a couple days and sleeping longer hours. That was enough to throw over my sleep adjustments and return me to a roughly 3 AM to 11 AM schedule. I think even that would be okay, as long as it was a regular schedule. But what happens is I get up, shower, have breakfast, and start puttering around with the internet for a while before settling down to work, at which point I figure I'll stay home until I've had lunch. Then, because I'm getting up so late to start, I'm having lunch in the late afternoon, and then I start thinking it's already late and I haven't really got anything done yet so do I really want to bother getting stuff together and spending time walking over to some coffeeshop, I should just stay home and I have to get going on my work, and so forth.

(Heh, right now on KEXP, José Gonzaléz is singing "Don't let the darkness eat you up.")

Of course, I've gone out to several concerts recently, and I have several more coming up in a couple weeks. But that's helped less than you might think. Perhaps going out to shows has become too familiar, too regular an occurrence to really shift my mental state. Or perhaps I just need a fantastic show to really blow my mind - most of the ones I've been to lately have been good, but nothing's really wowed me since Annuals back in the spring.

I am about to have a brief change of scenery: tomorrow I'm going to Las Vegas for the weekend, as my friend Brandon (judaicdiablo) is getting married there. That should be a fair amount of fun, and maybe it'll help clear my head.

After that, one thing I'll have to make myself do is fulfill one of my physical goals for the year and start some tai chi training. The school Embrace the Moon has been recommended to me before; it's a short bus ride away in Ballard, and they at least occasionally offer classes in tai chi sword style, which is something I really want. Ah, and their next session of classes starts November 3, which is perfect - it'll be just past the twelfth anniversary of when I first started martial arts training, and around a month before the tenth anniversary of earning my black belt in chung moo doe (a degree that I certainly haven't been living up to). Okay, so that will happen. Excellent.

All right, enough rambling, time for bed.



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Oct. 12th, 2007 10:59 pm (UTC)
I really think 3-11 isn't a good idea. you should be starting work @ 9am. unless you are contracting for a group with a giant time difference and you need to keep hours closer to theirs.

with the other goals you have for yourself, you should try to conform a little to the life style of others... for instance dating. it might be taken as irresponsible to sleep til 11:00 even if your work allows it. Aside from volunteering have you thought about getting a part time job. i don't know at a local indie grocer or something? just something to help stablize your schedule. try taking all the $ you make from that job away for the IRS.

use it as a paid way to meet even more people, and also take less of a hit next spring. plus, pay off somethings, and get inline to refinance the condo. the swords thing sounds like a good idea. just do it!
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