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  • Thu, 15:57: This is adorable and wistful and a great tune! It also raises the question why this is the first Freezepop song that Christmas has done lead vocals—or am I forgetting a previous one? Not that I’ve lost enthusiasm for Liz, of course, but more Christmas too is good!
  • Thu, 17:08: RT @RebellionBaby: Hey babes! Due to the consent decree, SPD is being forced to gather feedback on drafted policies about use of force and…
  • Thu, 17:25: Check it out, DJ Lisa rocking your radio some more!
  • Thu, 18:35: Hah, thanks to @djkevincole for taking my request to play some Ivy in tribute to Adam Schlesinger! His band Fountains of Wayne already had a few plays on @KEXP earlier today, and anyhow I always liked Ivy a lot more.
  • Thu, 18:48: I have it on good authority that for @john_harper it would’ve been “a staff, a bidowe, a buckler, a gambison and a palet.”
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    Mon, 17:10: Hey @ tonydowler, @ ludopolitics’s got that game you were looking for to go with your recent highway artwork.…

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    Thu, 16:00: Although I don’t work in journalism and so my role as an editor is a bit different, I still naturally agree with everything…

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    Tue, 16:55: Well that was an unexpected delight: on the bus just now I heard @ kexp @ djjohnrichards asking @ kcmetrobus riders to wear masks…

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