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  • Wed, 18:08: RT @FramingThePic: With @freezepopband's great new album Fantasizer out now, here's my interview with the band about the album, the silent-…
  • Wed, 18:23: Based on the dialogue phrasing in the story, I’m guessing this happened in NYC. That’s one reason why Trump and his ilk are despised in NYC (and elsewhere): they have neither civic spirit nor sense of common humanity; like the tourists, they think only of themselves.
  • Wed, 18:52: Frankly, although I believe spending a lot of money now just for a short-term repair and delaying the bigger decision would be a bad choice, given Mayor Durkan’s behavior throughout her term I also believe we may be better off if she doesn’t make the bigger long-term decision.
  • Wed, 19:21: The mayor is pretty clearly not going to resign, as she’s an authoritarian who’s convinced of her own correctness, so the @SeattleCouncil should seriously consider whether it’s time to #ImpeachDurkan.
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