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Nothing further has come out of the three dating possibilities I had available to me - one has officially bowed out, the other two were unresponsive. It's still possible one or two of them might get back in touch, but for now I'm moving on.

I went to my third HurryDate event on Wednesday, this one also for the 25-35 age group. This time there were 10 men and only 5 women showed up. Registering for each event costs over $25, and I'd think that would be high enough to discourage people from skipping out, but then considering that they keep giving out free pass codes due to the imbalances, it seems like you'd only have to pay for one event. I felt less confident after this event than the first two events, but I've got at least one potential for a date, so it wasn't a complete wash.

In other social activity, I've started doing volunteer work for KEXP. I helped out with a mailing party last week, and tomorrow I'll be at the KEXP BBQ all afternoon. My work shift there is actually post-event cleanup/breakdown, so I won't be working until late evening. I don't believe I'm going to write a review of the bands appearing, partly because it's just not a typical concert event, and partly because I'm volunteering. I expect that as an amateur posting on my personal site(s), I should be okay as long as I make it clear I was there as a volunteer and that my views don't reflect those of the station, but I'm certainly going to talk to the volunteer coordinator before I do write any kind of review. It'll probably be easier, and maybe better, if I just never do review shows that I'm volunteering at.

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