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A couple weeks ago Seattlest had a post called "Desperate Seattleites Ask: Which Gender is to Blame for my Loneliness?" A link someone posted in the comments led me to another blog post with a "Singles Map" supposedly published in National Geographic's February 2007 issue. (I say "supposedly" because I can't seem to find any reference to it on NG's site.) The map depicts which U.S. cities have more single men than single women, and which have more single women than single men. Interestingly, the disparity is split fairly well between the East Coast and the West Coast, with the East generally having more single women, and the West generally having more single men. Supposedly, the NYC area has the most single women, while Seattle is one of the areas that has the most single men. This would certainly explain why most of the random featured profiles on Salon Personals seem to be in NYC, and it would help account for the difficulty of getting responses out of contacting Seattle women on personals sites - they can afford to be choosy.

Speaking of getting responses, I never heard back from either of the women who indicated after the HurryDate event that they were interested in talking to me again. I could make guesses as to why, but it boils down to "they just weren't that into me, after all," which is becoming my mantra. (There's a dating advice book for women called He's Just Not That Into You, and that attitude seems to me equally applicable to my situation.) I also sent a message to someone on Salon Personals that Sunday, and she too ignored me, never even checking my profile.

However, last Friday someone new checked out my Salon Personals profile. I waited a day to see whether she'd contact me, then Sunday I went ahead and sent her a message; while I was at it, I finally sent messages to two other women I'd bookmarked back in March and never had contacted. All three of them checked out my profile, and both the new woman and one of the others responded to my messages. So I've got a couple conversations going now, which may lead to one or two first dates. It'd be very cool to finally get some kind of result out of the online personals.

Meanwhile I've also signed up for the next 25-35 HurryDate event, which is next Wednesday. And I do have one more free pass code to use; there's a 30-45 event the following week, but I think I'm going to hold on to the code at least until August, and see what happens in the next week or two.

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