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  • Thu, 20:34: Although I’ve been repeatedly calling for removing the Trump administration and Republican Party from office, I wan…
  • Thu, 21:07: RT @RepJayapal: Critically important step for ⁦@MLKLabor⁩ to take. Accountability is all of our responsibility—including from labor brother…
  • Fri, 01:57: Pretty sure if you’re bringing fireworks to the protests and setting them off, you’re an asshole and an agitator.…
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    Wed, 18:16: RT @ PostCultRev: So weird to see fans of “My Little Ponies” learn what every punk and metal bar in the 1980s had to learn the hard…

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    Tue, 16:04: Honestly surprised it’s been nearly a year of these protests and I’m just now seeing this very simple and valid point made for the…

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    Mon, 17:10: Hey @ tonydowler, @ ludopolitics’s got that game you were looking for to go with your recent highway artwork.…

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