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still no speeding

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to register for the 25-35 age group speed dating event to be held tomorrow. Once again, I received an email today informing me that the event was cancelled "due to an unusual, unforeseen imbalance in men and women." Really? Unusual and unforeseen? It's happened twice within a month. I'm curious whether last week's "Jewish singles" event actually happened or not - I did get email from them last Monday saying there were still spots available for that event, but you know, not being Jewish, I didn't sign up. (Yes, I'm also not 25-35, but it's reasonable to expect that some people in that age range aren't looking specifically for others in that range, while it's also reasonable to expect that people attending an event for Jewish singles are looking for singles who are Jewish.)

This time, instead of moving my registration to the next event for that group, they simply gave me a code for a free pass to the next event I want to attend - provided I use it in the next six months. I'm certainly not registering for another event until I see whether my first rescheduled event actually happens or gets cancelled again. So far they've got over $100 out of me, for a three-month website membership and registration for two events, and I've got nothing out of them.

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