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  • Wed, 09:51: A walkthrough of how viruses in general can change and how the simpler form of COVID-19 means once we develop immun…
  • Wed, 09:56: Another positive thing this morning—a message of support from The Doctor. (I didn’t finish the first season with t…
  • Wed, 10:05: RT @Daemavand: This has gotten my biochemist persona all hot and bothered! I'm diving in! OKAY SO y'all got this motherfucker of a virus,…
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  • I'm playing a betting game

    It's called In the End, It'll All Work Out Okay. So far I seem to be ahead. But sometimes it's hard to tell. No particular crisis…

  • back in the (bicycle) saddle

    Life continues to be very busy for me, a lot of that being due to paid work, which is mainly why I continue to neglect my journal. But I wanted to…

  • nearly overwhelmed, but still alive

    Ugh. This month so far has been nearly overwhelming, with so much going on. Musically, I had Decibel Festival over the first weekend, and I've…

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