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more updates, plus SAM

Another update on Nimiel. On Sunday she started the abnormal litterbox behavior again, so I called the vet on Monday. When they'd seen her, they'd taken samples and sent them to a lab for analysis, but I never heard back about the results. I found out that they had called and left a message... at some phone number that has nothing to do with me. In any case, apparently the lab results did not show any conclusive signs of bacteria that'd cause a urinary tract infection. So the vet now believes that Nimiel is simply suffering from an irritation that makes her think she needs to use the litterbox when she actually doesn't. The vet provided another medication to help alleviate that feeling and recommended switching to a prescription-formula dry cat food. So far, Nimiel's still going to her box more frequently than normal, but not as much as she had been doing. The vet indicated that it could take a couple weeks for her to return to normal behavior.

Meanwhile, last week's bellyache lasted through Thursday and tapered off on Friday. Once again I didn't go see the doctor about it, it just seemed too vague. Andrea suggested in the comments that I could have developed a lactose or gluten intolerance, but I figure that because I have both on a daily basis, if that were the problem then I'd have continual discomfort, not a sudden problem one Wednesday and then again a week later. It seems most likely to have been a combination of physical stress and anxiety. This week I did actually have a twinge yesterday afternoon, but it never grew into constant pain.

On another topic, last Saturday I went to the Seattle Art Museum, which was celebrating its completed remodel and expansion by being free and open for 35 hours, from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. I'd only ever been to their film theater, for StockStock, so I spent almost four hours strolling through and looking at all the exhibits. I had a funny moment where I saw a landscape and said "that's New Hampshire of course," and sure enough it turned out to be a painting of Cornish, which I've only ever been to once or maybe twice. It made me a little homesick for a moment. The museum's pretty cool; I'd like to go back some time with someone else, I ended up feeling lonely wandering by myself while couples and groups swirled around me.


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May. 11th, 2007 02:03 pm (UTC)
Museum loneliness - come to think of it. I think this is why I only went to the MFA a handful of times. playing 'find the Wyeth' is only fun with other players.
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