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pained again

I have updates on my last entry.

First, Nimiel is doing well. She returned to normal litterbox behavior by Saturday and otherwise seems untroubled by her illness. Giving her medicine has proven to be mercifully easy; she struggles a bit when I take hold of her so I can give it to her, and seems impatient to be done, but she doesn't actually resist being fed the medicine (liquid, from a syringe), she at least tolerates it if not actually likes it. The first couple days I gave her treats afterward, but by the third day she just ignored the treats, and as I've been giving her the medicine before her breakfast it's not like she really needs treats anyhow. The only worrisome thing was Sunday, an hour after she'd had her medicine and nibbled on some breakfast, she went into the bathroom and threw up a lot of liquid onto the floor. I'm still not sure why she did that, she hasn't thrown up otherwise and there was no reason for her food to have caused that. But as she hasn't repeated it and still seems to be fine, I haven't followed up on it.

Second, my outbreak of belly pain returned today, much to my annoyance. Last week I still had some minor belly pains on Thursday as well as other random torso/chest pains, but nothing that I couldn't attribute to my usual undefined probably-stress-related aches and pains. This afternoon (i.e. Wednesday) though, after I'd had some cake (leftover from a small birthday gathering I had for John on Saturday) as a snack, my belly started hurting again. It hasn't hurt as strongly as last week or spread up toward my sternum, but it has persisted and hasn't gone away yet, just varied from uncomfortable to hurting. Again, it doesn't seem like it ought to be stress, but I don't have anything else to attribute it to except perhaps the cake, and it doesn't feel like an upset stomach, more like upset intestines. I'm hoping it'll go away overnight, but if it still hurts tomorrow then I suppose I'll have to make a doctor's appointment. I don't really want to see the doctor because I feel like it's still too vague for a doctor visit to be worthwhile, but I don't want my belly to keep hurting and not check it out.

...meanwhile, poor Nimiel is trying to get me to chase her, and I just hurt and intend to go to bed now.



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May. 5th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
you should check to see if you are lactose or gluten intolerant. those things can develop; you're not always born with them. i don't know if there's any special test that the doctor does other than telling you to not eat milk and wheat products for two weeks, so you could probably just try it out yourself.

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