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infection and pain

Tuesday morning I noticed that Nimiel was repeatedly going to her litterbox, which was odd behavior. When I was briefly home in the evening, it was clear from all the litter on the floor that she'd continued to visit a lot during the day, but she seemed happy and energetic enough, chasing around a fly that had got into the place. But still later that night when I was home for good, I saw that she was indeed still visiting the box a lot and then cleaning herself, but she didn't seem to actually be doing much while in the box. So the next morning I called the vet, who said it did sound like she might have a urinary tract infection. This morning I dropped her off at the vet's to be checked (they were booked full yesterday), and sure enough she's got an infection. She's been sent home with medicine, which I do not anticipate being easy to get into her, and hopefully she'll be better soon. I've read that cats will associate the pain with the litter box and start trying to go elsewhere, but I haven't seen any sign of Nimiel doing that yet, and I'm hoping that means I caught the problem soon enough.

Meanwhile, yesterday I did some fruitless errand-running, not finding the stuff I needed at the stores I went to, and I had to give up and get home before I could get to Sears for vacuum bags (which I'll need to vacuum up all the litter that's been tracked everywhere), because I had a business call at 4. That took an hour, and then I still had a character to prepare for gaming that night. I hadn't got it done earlier as I'd been asked, and I was already feeling bad about that; now I had little time to do it, and it became clear I didn't have enough time for the thought I was going to need to put into it.

While I was working on it anyhow, there was a pain in my belly that I thought was just hunger as I hadn't eaten since late morning. So I reheated and started eating leftover Chinese pie. But the pain got stronger, like my belly had twisted in knots, and stabbed up to my sternum too. After eating most of my dinner, I finally gave up on that and on trying to get the character done, called Tony to say I wouldn't make it to game night, and then lay down on the couch hoping I'd feel better. A couple hours later, the pain had subsided, and I was left wondering what was going on.

I've been known in the past to stress out and have some kind of physical reaction, but never such sharp belly pains, and I didn't think the situation warranted that kind of stress or reaction. On the other hand, giving up on the game plans and resting did make the pain subside. But later that night while I was in bed waiting to fall asleep, I had a brief jab of pain, and again today while waiting for a haircut I had another sharp twinge. Also, my belly's felt unsettled and tight throughout the day today. So I'm still not sure whether there's actually something wrong inside, or whether it is just a result of me stressing out. It wouldn't be the first time that I've had mysterious body pains that can only be attributed to stress.

I also took two long walks recently. Sunday I took a three-hour one, up to and around Green Lake, then back through Woodland Park and skirting the Zoo to Fremont Ave, then home - about 8 miles. Monday I walked home from the library downtown - about 3.5 miles, taking about an hour - with my laptop in my pack on my back, which I'm not accustomed to. So there's some likelihood that's also contributed to the problem, although I don't see why my stomach muscles would spasm out two days later, with no prior soreness.

Anyhow, although my belly continues to feel slightly wrong, eating hasn't made a difference and I'm not suffering any other obvious problems. I'm going to hope that it just goes away by tomorrow evening. Otherwise I probably should see a doctor, but I'd rather make an appointment with my regular one than have to go to the ER over the weekend.


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Apr. 27th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
Yeah man, avoid the ER...it's way expensive. But, obviously, if this gets worse tomorrow then waiting could also be a bad idea. Still, Katie and I have found out over the past year that ER visits are rediculously expensive even when you show up and they're like "oh you're fine and we're not going to do anything but make you wait around..."
Apr. 27th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
ER = expensive when you have insurance. if you've elected to have Cobra, until you solidfy insurance, you'll still get hit with the co-pay for the ER. the ER usually has you wait 2 hours, then gives you a benadryl, and sends you home.

is there a local low cost clinic? or something? did you end up going the cobra route? expensive yes, but... if something happens, its better than selling the condo and moving back to Nashua. or worse yet into my basement. : )
Apr. 27th, 2007 03:09 pm (UTC)
Have you considered...
It might be heartburn or excess acid. (Both can be triggered by stress, of course.) You mentioned pain in your sternum in addition to the other pain in your stomach. You might consider trying something over the counter for that, and see if it works. After the pain you had when you were taking meds for your teeth, it sounds like a possibility to me!
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