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need new design

I'm bored with the look of my journal. I'm just recording what I've been using so that if I don't like my changes, I can go back. I don't expect anyone to have any interest in this, so I'll just hide it under a cut.

System: S2
Layout: Component
Theme: Default
Custom Options: Presentation
  • Journal entries on recent entries page: 10
  • Journal entries on friends page: 20
  • Link underline: only on mouseover
  • Disable customized comment pages: no
  • Display userpic: no
  • Use community userpics: no
  • Display icons on entry view: yes
  • Display icons on recent entries/friends pages: yes
  • Use custom form elements: yes
  • Navigation strip colors: do not use
Custom Options: ColorsCustom Options: Fonts
  • Font family: Trebuchet
  • Adjust font size: normal
  • Line height: 22
Custom Options: Text
  • Leave a comment: Write
  • Read comments: 1 Wrote // # Have Written
  • Link back to single entry from read comments view: Read Writings
  • Comment divider: |
  • Link text on friends view: defaults
  • Component titles: Profile; Recent Entries; Tags; Other Blogs; Calendar; Thought of the Moment
  • Navigation text: Entries; Friends; Calendar; User Info; Later; Earlier
  • Text for Current Mood/Music/Location/entry permanent link: defaults
Custom Options: Components
  • Position: right
  • Friends view: yes
  • Navigation: no
  • Profile: yes
  • Mini-calendar: yes
  • Interactive mini-calendar: yes
  • Links: yes
  • Page summary: yes
  • Tags: yes
  • Free text: yes
  • Component order:
    1. Navigation
    2. Profile
    3. Free Text
    4. Page Summary
    5. Calendar
    6. Links
    7. Tags List

Okay, the "Expressive" layout is cool, and both the Minimalist Blue and Unity Blue themes are good; I also like the color scheme of the DJ theme. I don't like that the layout does not have any color customization options; perhaps that could be done through CSS but I don't know anything about that. The "Bloggish" layout is okay too but has the same lack of color customization. "Refried Paper" does allow custom colors, but I'm not sure it's actually showing all the components I want.

...and Expressive, Minimalist Blue, has won for now. I'll see how long I like it - the previous design lasted for two years I think.


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