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pain and soup

Recovery's going very well, so far as I can tell. The tingliness did go away overnight, and I've barely had any sore feeling in that part of my mouth, just some discomfort. I haven't needed to take any of the pain medication I was prescribed, not even any over-the-counter stuff.

However, I did have quite a bit of pain for a day - in my left elbow. I don't know what happened, I hadn't been doing anything unusual (and the IV on Friday was in my right elbow), but suddenly on Sunday night the muscle on the top side of my left elbow started hurting a lot, like I'd strained it too much or carried too heavy a weight. It hurt even more to bend the arm, twist it from elbow to wrist, or move my hand around a lot. That pain persisted right through Monday, and finally started abating on Tuesday morning. So the only time I was going to take the prescribed pain medication was on Monday night, because of the elbow not my mouth, and I ended up not taking it because it was supposed to be taken with food and I was about to go to bed and didn't want to eat more. (It's not like I could've had crackers since I can't eat crunchy things right now, I'd have had to have a bowl of hot cereal or ice cream.)

Anyhow, that did go away on Tuesday, and otherwise I've been okay. My first post-operation checkup with the surgeon isn't until next Wednesday morning, so I won't know until then how well it's healing. Hopefully the bone will persist this time and I won't have to do this yet again.

I've been eating Campbell's soups for lunch ever since the first operation, because it was a lot cheaper to keep buying those rather than going out to get a sandwich every day. But once I'd healed enough, I could still occasionally go out for lunch and get a sandwich or burger, and I could partake of the company Friday pizza lunch. Now that I'm back on a soft-foods-only diet, even if for a shorter time than before, I find that I'm just sick of having soup so often. I'll have to do something about that once my diet restrictions ease.


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