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teeth t(w)oo

So apparently I was supposed to have been called by another doctor (orthodontist I think) about arranging a second consultation, and my dentist was surprised I hadn't been contacted yet. He called that other doctor while I was there, so that should be moving along soon.

Also, I had received a "predetermination of benefits" from my dental insurance for the treatment recommended by the oral surgeon. The dental insurance said they would not cover any of it, but the reason was "the doctor did not specify the area (part of the mouth) to be treated" - which doesn't make much sense to me. Anyhow, I also got to talk to someone at that surgeon's office, and they said to forget about that, they would pursue coverage with my regular medical insurance - which should apply because the procedure is more involved than just dental work.

Incidentally, the total cost submitted by the surgeon was about $3,500 - which yes is expensive but I could actually afford to cover that myself if I have to. Hopefully though my medical insurance will cover at least a chunk of it.

Oh, and I agreed to do the fluoride rinse today, and that was a mistake. It's hard to keep that stuff in your mouth, let alone swish it around, for a whole minute, and I ended up swallowing a bit of it. Blech. My stomach wasn't too thrilled about that, and the damn taste (it was raspberry flavored, but now it's just nasty) hasn't gone away. Maybe after I have lunch I'll feel better.



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Feb. 3rd, 2004 01:01 pm (UTC)
What kind of work do you need to have done?

My dentist used that raspberry rinse for a while then switched back to the foam trays (hold in mouth for 1 minute). I used to hate the trays but they're so much better than the rinse.
Feb. 3rd, 2004 02:53 pm (UTC)
I used to hate the trays but they're so much better than the rinse.

That's exactly how I felt afterwards!

As for the work that needs to be done, see my previous entry. In short: insert/grow bone in my front upper jaw and at the same time insert metal anchor posts for two "implanted" false teeth.
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