Philip (philaros) wrote,

quick note

I haven't disappeared, I've just been busy. I've got a few things I want to talk about but haven't made time to do so, and I haven't forgotten about posting goals for 2007. This is basically a quick placeholder, so the calendar shows I posted in the last (half-)week of January; I doubt I'll get to posting later this evening. However I do intend to make a more substantial post tomorrow.

All I'll say for the moment is one of the thoughts that's been prominent in my mind for the past month: 2007 is the Year of Change. No matter how reluctant I am about making changes or how slow I am to get started (case in point: end of first month, haven't posted goals yet), this is the Year of Change, because it needs to be. We'll see what I can make happen.

And no, I'm not talking about having a sex change. Just Getting Things Done, and Moving On With Life. That sort of thing.
Tags: goals, journal, me

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