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Stockstock 5

In the past I've mentioned the Stockstock Film Festival, but I haven't actually done a post explaining or promoting it, and I regret that because it's a neat festival that I think some of you will really be interested in. Unfortunately, there's not much time left to participate in this one, but my friend Scott has asked for some help promoting it, and so I'm posting his message.

We're looking for entries for the Stockstock Film Festival -- we provide the footage, you take it from there. It looks like you and your readers might have some fun with it -- it's free to participate, and at the very least it's a fun exercise in digital film editing.

Here's the hook: Stockstock producers compile a film reel of stock film footage that they've collected from the Prelinger Archives. Festival entrants download the reel and create a 2-minute digital film using that footage. You can add audio or graphics, design new treatments, cut it up, tell a story -- basically, you are encouraged to abuse the reel as much as you can. The one catch is that you can only use the footage provided -- you can't introduce any other footage. Amateur and experienced filmmakers alike have participated in the festival in the past, but Stockstock producers are hoping to expand their entrants and audience this year, what with the easy accessibility of broadband.

The film reel is now available for download from http://www.stockstock.org, and entries are due Feb. 11. Go to the Web site for more information.

Let me add a couple important notes which Scott mentions in his recent blog post:

We've made a big change to the festival this year: it's entirely online. You download the footage online (instead of getting a videotape in the mail), you post your film online (instead of sending us a tape), and we present the films online (instead of doing a live show). Oh, and there are no entry fees this year. (People can donate online, but it's not required.)

If you check out the Stockstock web site, you can find a small number of films from past shows. John and Scott have done some pretty inventive and funny ones. I believe I've posted about Hard Times in the past, and my post last April 1 references another of their Stockstock films, The Lost Masterworks of Nichol Cryzgzy: Episode 17. But be sure to check out the other samples, they vary a lot in style and sentiment and they're all cool.


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Jan. 24th, 2007 05:18 am (UTC)
Thanks for the mention, Phil! Let me point out that there are still three weeks until the entry deadline, which is tons of time. I know of Stockstock films that were completed in less than two days. (Some of them were mine.) So if you are thinking of entering, please jump right in!

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