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now I feel like a true American

I actually watched the SuperBowl! No, really! judaicdiablo (Brandon) had a party, so I went for food and socializing - as did pretty much everyone else who went, what with being a bunch of geeks and nerds. Still, I did watch. Some of the commercials were pretty entertaining, and there were even a couple exciting moments in the game. Seattle had one great interception which led to them getting their only full touchdown, and that was a moment for big cheers.

I agree with parkbenchzine, the refs clearly had it in for Seattle. That guy was not in the end zone, he landed outside, including the ball, and then moved the ball into the zone after - should've been no score for Pittsburgh. Lots of dumb crap that was so obvious even I, who barely know anything about football, could see the problems.

As a professional-sports-phobic geek, I realized that my experience watching sports is similar to how some indie-RPG designers and theorists have been describing traditional RPGs: "20 minutes of fun in 4 hours". There were a couple exciting bits to the football game, and lots of in-between time getting to those moments. As with far too many traditional RPGs, most of the fun of "watching the game" had little to nothing to do with actually being involved in the game. Baseball's even worse for that sort of thing; as was pointed out last night, at least in football there is an actual tactical game going on. Being interested in tactical games as I am, I could even learn to appreciate football, but not if I have to sit through all the boring back-and-forth bits and timeouts and commercial breaks. Now if they added wizards or laser rifles to football...



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Feb. 7th, 2006 09:43 am (UTC)
reading what you have to say about football, especially that you compare it to traditional versus indie-RPGs is very very funny.

no i'm not trying to make myself out as a sports fan

but it's still really funny.
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