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goals for 2006

  1. Create a film for the Stockstock Film Festival.
    In 2004 I planned to do this, but first I needed some computer upgrades, and by the time I got them, I didn't have time to register and make a film. Last year I actually did register (though I never sent in my fee), but with my parents' and sister's visits at either end of the filmmaking period, I didn't have time to make a film. This year, though...!

  2. Learn to use GarageBand enough to make my own soundtrack for the Stockstock film.
    I figure, why not. I've got it, and if I can make my own little tune, then there are no copyright issues with my final film.

  3. Develop my 'Monsters Outside the Polis' concept into an actual complete game.
    This is arguably the biggest challenge I'm setting myself for the year. I'm a great one for imagining and talking, not so good for doing. But everyone else is making their own game, why shouldn't I?

  4. Earn a serious raise at work.
    This was discussed a few months ago with one boss and again in December at my performance review. I'm still not being proactive enough. It's a tough habit to develop. Say, didn't I earn a black belt once? Now where'd I put that discipline...?

  5. Reduce my credit card debt.
    This is largely contingent on meeting the previous goal, as my mortgage payments have taken away just about all the spare income I previously had. However, there've been some claims that I can expect a "large" return on my income taxes as a first-time home buyer; it remains to be seen whether I do get a refund and how large it actually is. Still, I may get some help there.

  6. Visit at least two of:
    • The Olympic Peninsula, up in the mountains and rainforest.
    • Mount St. Helens.
    • Portland.
    • The Pacific Ocean proper, on the other side of the Olympic Peninsula.
    • Victoria or Vancouver (return visit).
    These are the 2005 goals that I forgot to write about in my previous post. I'm leaving out "Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, or otherwise across the Sound" from the previous list, because I did visit Marrowstone Island and Port Townsend last August, when I went with Andrea, Jen, and Jen's parents to Jen's aunt's cabin.

  7. Resume martial-arts training and attend weekly.
    I'm generally healthy, and I'm thin. However, I'm not really that fit - I have little stamina or strength. I really need to resume some regular exercise, and martial arts is something I enjoy. As John commented to my previous post, he wants to resume the aikido training, which is fine. I'm not sure though that it's really giving me the right sort of workout; the trouble is, doing something else like tai chi means signing up somewhere for classes, and I'm concerned about being able to afford it. John did say though that $80 a month is typical for schools around here, and that should be feasible (not to mention a lot more affordable than the chung moo doe training I used to do).

  8. Continue writing at least once a week in this journal.
    I believe it's safe to call this an established habit now, but still allowable as a goal.

  9. Continue attending at least one club show a month.
    Boy, I'm already finding it difficult to meet this goal: I've had a hard time finding any shows this month with a band I know and want to see. I'll have to find something, though.

  10. Play some violin.
    Actually I'm thinking about getting a microphone to patch into my Mac so that I can record myself for the Stockstock film. I'd also like to do some more jamming with Tony S, once things with the Saccos' new baby have settled down.

  11. Make a new recipe each month.
    The recipe doesn't have to be something I've never had, just something I haven't made. Arguably this should be a weekly goal, but I know better. This month's recipe was sent to me by Andrea, and was a homemade pizza crust. It came out well.

  12. (insert goal about meeting new people, starting a relationship, or learning to be content with being single)
    Yeah. I don't know what to do about this anymore. I never did that much with the online personal sites, and I am still signed up to them, so there's still some effort to be made there. But I also haven't tried joining some kind of group, class, or activity, as I've been urged by several people. The problems there are still deciding on something that I'm interested in for its own sake, being able to afford it if there's a cost, and having the time to participate. Returning to a regular martial-arts school, rather than just training independently with a couple friends, would be a step in that direction, though seven years at my previous school did not net me a single date. (This is the sort of experience that makes me argue that I have to join an activity for its own sake, because I enjoy it, not because I'm hoping to meet someone; the latter will just lead to further disappointment and bitterness.)



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Jan. 20th, 2006 03:06 pm (UTC)
Good List my friend...
good luck with this... Garageband isn't hard... its more fun than anything else.. Go for it! but one thing... throw most of what you know about music out the window and just have fun with the thing... then try and bring in what you know, and create something great... I had weeks of fun, and learned about the app by putting together horrible chord combinations.. its was sweet, and time signatures too... and yet with all that crap it still sounded better than Rockets Burst from Monkey asses... I will say that film work is also on my unpublished list for 2006. I've started collecting all the hey bunghole stuff together, and actually created a writeboard for it. move #11 up though... and still I think that #12 might be easier if #s 4 & 7 got lowered. : )
Jan. 20th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Good List my friend...
On GarageBand, that's pretty much what I intend, just playing around with it to see what it does and how it works. I like that you managed to work in a dig against Rockets...

Filmwork, Stockstock is an exercise in film editing, all the footage is provided to the participants from a stock collection, so I won't know what I have to use or what I'm going to do with it until it begins.

As for the goals, the order isn't that significant. I'm a little confused because you say move #11 "up" but then you say #12 might be easier if #4 and #7 "got lowered", but I think in both cases you mean "make them higher priority." (I'm fairly sure you're not telling me, "it'll be easier to find romance if you make getting a raise and getting physically fit LESS important." :-) Anyhow, most of these goals are parallel, meaning that I can pursue them at the same time without much conflict in time or attention, which is why the order isn't that significant.
Jan. 20th, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, oh, me too, me too. The Stockstock film festival, that is. My plan is also for you to compose a song for my film, but I haven't yet brought that up with you, and I suspect the initial answer would be, "No no, I have too much on my plate," so I won't TELL you until a few days before I have to get the film in.

Just kidding.
Jan. 20th, 2006 09:28 pm (UTC)
Actually, MY plan was to have my sister compose a song for my film, but it seems she can't somehow compose and record the music before seeing the completed film. I don't know what all that schoolin' in composition is good for if she can't anticipate my needs for three minutes or less of music... ;-)

So because I can't get music from her*, I can't do music for you. Try asking Tony Sacco.

(*More seriously, I suppose she might be able and willing to help if she happens to come visit while the filmmaking is still going on and she can see the complete film. But I'm still not making music for you, it'll be tough enough composing for myself. What do I know about chords and harmonies?!)
Jan. 20th, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
I know! We can ask Gabe.
Jan. 20th, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, duh! Of course, you should ask Gabe!

Or Brad.
Jan. 21st, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)
you didn't ask for music to make a film to, you asked for music for your film. there's a difference. what's the time limit?
Jan. 28th, 2006 09:19 am (UTC)
Don't know if you'll see this comment now, but I'll email you too. Anyhow, you do realize I was teasing you in the previous comment, right?

I know there's a difference, and I know I first asked for music for my film, but I also know after you made the same objection, I said I could make a "music video" film if you gave me music.

But as I say, I'll send you an email.
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