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if it's Christmastime, I must be sick

I've been on the East Coast this week, since leaving Seattle Monday morning, visiting my family for Christmas. I flew to New York just in time for the transit workers to go on strike; fortunately I wasn't going anywhere Tuesday anyhow, as jet lag and the quite insufficient amount of sleep I'd had Sunday night meant that I spent half of Tuesday sleeping and the rest doing very little. Wednesday my sister and I kicked around Brooklyn some more, and today (Thursday) I spent a couple hours walking around SoHo while my sister was at work, then after lunch caught a bus up to Boston.

That's not all I caught, however; I've come down with a cold, which is clearly going to be worse tomorrow and maybe Saturday, and hopefully will be manageable for Christmas itself. That at least will be preferable to the last time I came home for Christmas two years ago, when I came down sick the night before my sister and I drove up to Boston, and I spent the rest of the week more or less sick in bed, reviving enough for Christmas to visit with the extended family that night and then hang out with a couple friends the next night. Still, I'm not too happy about this.

I'm at my parents' home now in Nashua and will be here until Tuesday, when my sister and I will head back to NYC, and then I return to Seattle next Thursday. Hopefully I won't be sick for the rest of vacation...


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Dec. 30th, 2005 08:43 am (UTC)
Are you better yet?
Are you back?
How did you like the potholder Nimiel crocheted for you while you were gone?
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