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Thanksgiving weekend

I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year. The past three years, I've gone to my friends the Saccos' home, but with Pam due to give birth next Monday, they didn't want to host anything this year. Instead, I invited them over, and John and Elizabeth as well. Naturally, I got started cooking far later in the day than I should have, so we didn't sit down to dinner until 8:30, but everything turned out okay and my friends all were pleased.

I talked to my sister Andrea yesterday about how I've found myself yelling at Nimiel a lot more ever since moving here. Nimiel has been more troublesome about things such as trying to fish pebbles out of the tree pot, she's shown more interest in biting on electric cords, and generally has been more aggravating. No doubt I've been more sensitive due to stress from settling in and from financial issues, but still she does seem to be getting into stuff more, and generally showing little interest in her toys - it seems the only toys that really interest her are the small fur-covered rattling mice, that she now destroys and devours within 15 minutes. Andrea mentioned how Siamese cats are clever and consequently get bored easily, which is something I've worried about, that I'm not providing enough entertainment for Nimiel and don't know what I can get that she won't destroy quickly. Getting another cat, as I'm sure certain people will be quick to suggest, is now out of the question even if I wanted to take on a second one, because the condo association rules only permit one cat (or dog).

Today however, Nimiel's been very mellow, and spent a while sleeping on my lap. She got a lot of attention last night, with various people playing with or chasing her, and she was so tired that when I left the computer desk to get ready for bed, she stayed put in her perch on top of the desk instead of following me around as usual. Perhaps I just haven't been taking enough time to play with her lately, although I have also noted that a couple times recently when wrestling with her, I've irritated her enough to make her try to leap at my head as an attack. So there's some balance to be struck there.

Today's been a very mellow day for me as well. The weather here has turned crappy, with temperatures in the low 40s and rain, so it was a very good day to sleep late, stay inside, and do nothing. Nimiel finally got me out of bed at 11:30am by starting to play with the alarm clock cord, and I fed her breakfast, but then I just went right back to bed. I dozed a while longer and was thinking about how I ought to get up when my parents called at 2pm to find out how Thanksgiving went. This time I stayed up, showered, and had breakfast at 3. I've spent the day just browsing online, and finally making my flight arrangements to return home for Christmas. It's been nice to have such a do-nothing day. Tomorrow afternoon I'm supposed to meet with John to go over the Stranger Things draft, and Sunday I'm having the Dowlers over for a dinner of leftovers, featuring turkey pie.



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Dec. 1st, 2005 02:41 am (UTC)
If only I had read your LJ soon after you wrote this entry, I would have known that we were going over to your apartment for turkey pie. Thank you for coming over to our house and making turkey pie. I have frozen two pieces of it. We may need them in case of hard times ahead (i.e. no dinner plans.)
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