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sickness, shows, and other stuff

The cold that I came down with two weeks ago is persistent. Actually I may have had the cold for even longer, because I had a sore throat for about ten days before that, and just as it seemed to be finally getting better, my nose/sinuses got congested. So I was somewhat stuffed up all of last week, then this week I've been more congested and my throat's been sore again. I worked from home Tuesday and today, partly because I was feeling unwell and partly because my old friend Scott has been in town, as I mentioned in the previous post, and working from home made it more convenient to meet up with him in the evening to hang out. As I seemed to come down with the cold just before he arrived, so I'm hoping that now he's leaving town, my cold will leave as well - though not with him, as it were, I don't want him to be sick.

Knowing that Scott would be coming to town, I never looked that closely at the concert listings for November, and the month's more than half over now. I did happen to see this evening that Kinski are playing this Saturday night, so I might go to that concert, though my friend Marie is having her birthday party that afternoon from 4 to 7 and it's possible it could run later. They Might Be Giants played two Mondays ago and I would've liked to have gone to that, but I thought I'd be busy with Scott; as it turned out, he had to work late that evening. But that's no matter, I've seen TMBG a few times before, and they seem to play Seattle pretty regularly, whereas I doubt Scott will be back out this way any time soon. Anyhow, I need to check whether anyone else I'd like to see is playing either tomorrow night or some time next week. With Thanksgiving next week, I'm not sure whether that weekend will be good for shows or will be quiet because of people generally being out of town or otherwise with family for the holiday.

Meanwhile I have to finish editing the Stranger Things draft, before John has any more time to rewrite the system again, and I also have to write a couple game proposals for Matt Snyder's "Game Design For Hire" contest. I still have to make arrangements for my Christmas trip back East - and by now it's so late that I'm going to get lousy prices, no doubt - and my first mortgage payments are due at the beginning of December. Being busy continues... though apparently I'm not busy enough yet, as the romance that's supposed to drop into my life when I stop looking for it hasn't dropped in yet; either that or I must still be longing too much...

Hmm, one note to add. As I was just looking at a few other journals, I realized the noise I'd been hearing for a minute or so probably wasn't the sound of Nimiel in her litterbox after all. Sure enough, after ignoring the toilet paper for the past month that we've lived here, she'd suddenly gone and pulled the roll off the holder, trashing half of it. Sigh. So it's back to keeping the roll in a plastic container. Meanwhile that reminds me that a project for this weekend should be to somehow get some kind of latch onto the damned kitchen cabinets so that I can stop duct-taping the two sink counter doors shut.



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Nov. 23rd, 2005 02:07 am (UTC)
Hi Phil,

My friend Lenae gave me a copy of her chapbook. It had some poems included that were published by a small poetry magazine called Heliotrope. How about that?!
Nov. 23rd, 2005 03:47 am (UTC)
Bradopoly (http://bradthegorilla.blogspot.com/2005/11/bradopoly.html) has arrived just in time for the holidays! Download your free copy of the gameboard, courtesy of your friend, Brad the Gorilla.

P.S. An "Error" showed up saying, "Please confirm you are a human below." I had to tell the untruth to post this note.
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