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a few notes

The insurance payment: a little over $2,750.
The actual repair cost to replace the light, patch the hole, and otherwise bang the sides back out: $180.
I win! But because the insurance company is writing it as a total loss, I still have to get the State Police to inspect the car and approve it for road use, reinstating my title. It's a minor nuisance though.

Saturday I went to see Mirrormask. It's visually really cool, with lots of weird and clever ideas, and the music's rather good. Story-wise it's on the light side, it's essentially the same film as Labyrinth, but I feel that's actually to its advantage, as you don't have to concentrate so much on what's going on that you miss seeing it as a whole - you don't miss the forest for the trees, as it were.

When I first got home from the film I felt like I was seeing everything just slightly differently, and it really made me wish to have just a bit more sense of wonder and magic in my daily life. It's why I envy my friend Tony's artistic ability, and it's one of the reasons I continue to be so fascinated by fantasy literature and RPGs (and also why I've become frustrated with the now-stereotypical fantasy RPG setting). I'd like to create some of that wonder and magic myself, and yet I'm too often too easily dragged down by the mundane world, or by myself.

However, I've finally got most of a complete draft of Stranger Things from John to start editing, so I do get to help bring just a touch of wonder and magic to reality. And the film, particularly the appearance of the sphinxes in the film, spurred me to write up a game setting idea I toyed with in the past, and it's got a bit of praise, which is nice.

I've mostly settled into the condo by now. There are still some shelf pieces I have to decide what to do with, the TV's not actually on the stand because of the broken door on that cabinet I need to fix, not quite everything's arranged or put away the way I want... but for the most part things are set up and it's quite liveable. Nimiel seems fairly happy with the new place, and has already helpfully pointed out things I need to deal with, such as putting some kind of latches or fasteners onto the kitchen cabinet doors to keep her out of the garbage, or emptying and disposing of the cardboard moving boxes so she doesn't eat the cardboard or styrofoam bits. I've been pretty busy and keeping long hours, and consequently I've been very tired a lot and a bit short-tempered with her, but I'm trying to be patient. And with that, it's past time I should be getting to bed.


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