Philip (philaros) wrote,

moving day

Well, this is it. The bulk of my stuff is in the new condo. The large truck is reserved, and several friends have responded to my appeal for moving help. Tomorrow, the furniture, and hopefully the remaining stuff that hasn't yet made it into a box and over to the condo, will get loaded onto the truck and brought over. The new bed from IKEA is already in my new bedroom - sadly still disassembled as I hadn't remembered to bring a screwdriver, but hey, I needed that time to box up more stuff anyhow - and I will be sleeping there tomorrow, even if it ends up being on the futon one more time.

Sunday I'll come back to clean the apartment, and pick up any remaining stuff if there happens to be anything, and Monday evening I plan to turn the keys over to the landlord.

Because I waited until the actual closing date before starting to deal with transferring or canceling services, I will not have DSL service at my new place for a week or two. Speakeasy does provide free dial-up during the wait time, so I'll be able to check email at least, but I'll probably be less active in the evenings for that time. I suppose this gives me a chance to get a lot more reading done. Or maybe I'll just play Civilization.
Tags: condo

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