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I started an update last night, about the concert I attended Wednesday night, but then I had to call my friend Milo whom I haven't spoken to in a couple months. So I should have a longer update later today - I'll probably just edit it into this post. EDIT: And so I am...

Wednesday night I went to Chop Suey for my August concert: Beehive, Saba, Library Science, and The Epochs. John joined me for this show, as he'd never seen Library Science and wanted to check them out. It's hard to fit four bands into one evening, especially when the club doors don't open until 9pm, and sure enough the first three bands all had shorter than usual sets, playing less than a half-hour each.

The Epochs had a pretty good, tight sound; John was reminded of the Smashing Pumpkins, apparently because of the singer's style, but I didn't really hear that. They did remind me of some other bands but I couldn't think of any examples; I can say that there was something of a jam/groove feel to their songs, but they were definitely structured, not just aimless noodling. They had a free promo EP available, and I did like them enough to pick it up.

Library Science played next, and although they seemed to have a few technical problems, they sounded good overall. They've been reworking some of their older songs, adding new interest to them by changing the instrument sounds/effects or improvising some parts more, and they also played a new song that was a nice solid addition to their material. One song was marred not by them, but by the club's soundboard guy accidentally turning on the between-set music in the middle; because Library Science do have some chaotic noisy parts in their songs, it took a little while to realize something was playing that shouldn't have been there.

Saba played an uneven set this time, alternating from slow ballads to upbeat dance music - that can work, but in this case changing styles each song just seemed jarring, as though the band was trying to play for two different audiences at once. They also didn't seem quite together, the songs just weren't tight. I was disappointed, as I remembered them being better the first time, and I do like their CD a lot; but everyone has off nights.

Although I wanted to check out Beehive, whom I've never heard, it was getting late for a weeknight and we decided not to stay for them.

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