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braces and bucks

I haven't written about my braces in quite a while. Tuesday, the beginning of Week 38, they added a second rubber band - oh, I never made a note back in March when they gave me the first rubber band. So now I have to wear bands on each side of my mouth. For some reason I didn't expect the second band to make a difference in feeling, but with the new band my teeth are aching again. Also the braces on my right side have been digging into my cheek. I started noticing that some time last week or over the weekend, before they added the second band, so I guess it's a sign that my teeth really have been moving lately. Anyhow, it's Week 38: 14 or so weeks to go, and then who knows what happens.

More recently I mentioned that it looked like I'd have to cut back the rate at which I was paying off the credit card I used for my braces, due to financial pressures. This month I decided that I really needed to switch the focus of my payments over to the other credit card that has the car repairs and now a bunch of miscellaneous smaller payments added on. So, the "braces card" balance was just over $900 this month, and I've cut that back to paying $100 a month. Meanwhile I've increased payments to the other card to $350 a month, and in theory that'll be paid off in ten months or so. In practice, both cards would probably be paid off in 12-15 months, if I weren't buying a condo soon.

I'm concerned that my total monthly condo payments are going to require all the money I'm currently putting into my credit card debt, and I don't seem to really have anywhere else I can reduce costs much to make up the difference. I'm concerned that if I don't buy a condo now, when it seems I have a bare chance of getting into the area I want, I'll be priced out for good. Yes there's lots of talk about the "housing bubble", but who knows when that might actually burst, how much prices might drop, and whether I'll actually be any better off financially at that point. Two things are certain: there'll always be something going on that I'll need money for, and both housing prices and rent will always rise over time. Waiting's not a great strategy.

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