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a decade in Seattle, part 5 of 6

Boston to Seattle trip log
Monday, March 11, 2002

12:15 am MST: Stop for the night at the Buckboard Inn, in Beach, ND, right on the border with Montana. Odometer: 2,040 miles. (Repeating the last entry I posted yesterday on the journal, as it technically belongs to today.)

11:00 am MST: Added 7.0 gallons of gas at the service station in Beach, ND, and hit the road.

2:45 pm MST: Stop for gas in Billings, MT, added 8.8 gallons. Odometer: 2,302 miles.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm MST: Had lunch at Pizza Hut in Billings. A lot of bowling pros were present, apparently for some kind of convention. Called Mom.

7:38 pm MST: Crossed the continental divide just east of Butte, MT, at an altitude of 6,368 feet. Odometer: 2,525 miles.

8:00 pm MST: Stop for gas in Butte, MT, added 8.0 gallons. Odometer: 2,535 miles. Called my soon-to-be landlord and also called Farida Dowler to let them know of our progress and expectation to arrive late in the afternoon the next day.

11:15 pm PST / 12:15 am MST Tuesday March 12: Crossed into Idaho and the PST time zone. Odometer: 2,769 miles. Stopped at the Lookout Motel in Mullan, ID, for the night—as Doug wrote, "for a good time, don't stop here." We probably should've gone just a bit farther, as the next day we passed a much better-looking hotel right off the highway, but we didn't know, and the last 100+ miles of the Montana was the worst driving of the trip: all downhill from Butte on the twisty mountain highway, with rain, snow, fog, and large tractor-trailers.

Some highlights of 2010
  • Did a series of 40 push-ups a day for 250 days, 10,000 push-ups in all.
  • Started going out to a weekly trivia night, making some new friends as a result.
  • Once again attended the Sasquatch! Music Festival and Decibel Festival as a blogger for KEXP, and both were fantastic again.
  • Started going out dancing monthly at Sweatbox-hosted events at the Electric Tea Garden, and later added TRUST at the Baltic Room to my monthly dance night.
  • Had a great time attending the Capitol Hill Block Party as a volunteer for KEXP, and saw some amazing performances.
  • Had a very serious car crash that totaled my car—which isn't really a "highlight" as such, but surviving the accident with relatively little damage (a broken knee being the worst of it) certainly counts.
Some highlights of 2011
  • Got a new bicycle, my first since I was a teenager, in part with a generous birthday gift from my brother.
  • After hitting a real slump in work that broke my finances (definitely not a highlight), work more than rebounded, it kept me consistently busier than ever for the last four months of the year and into the new one, which also helped me break the downward spiral of relying on credit to keep going (though much of the accumulated debt remains to be paid off).
  • Attended Bumbershoot as a volunteer for the KEXP media team, posting updates about the Music Lounge performances as well as blogging about some of the evening performances.

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