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a decade in Seattle, part 2 of 6

Boston to Seattle trip log
Friday, March 8, 2002

3:07 am EST: Stop for gas in Willoughby, OH (near Cleveland), added 5.6 gallons. Odometer: 637 miles. Doug was driving at this point.

4:30 am—5:30 am EST: Stop to nap in a rest area near Toledo, OH.

6:30 am—8:30 am EST: Second stop for a nap, at the Oak Openings Service Center on I-90, somewhere a bit after Toledo. Doug had tried driving further after the first nap break and quickly decided nope, he just couldn't carry on without more rest, which was of course a wise decision. We ate breakfast at this service center.

10:00 am EST: Stop for gas at a service center in Indiana, added 6.1 gallons. Odometer: 859 miles.

Approximately 11:00 am EST: Driving along the Chicago Skyway (I-90 / I-94) in Illinois, passed the 1,000 miles mark on the odometer.

1:20 pm EST: Stop for gas at a service center on the north side of Chicago (near O'Hare Airport), added 5.0 gallons. Odometer: 1,021 miles. Ate lunch at McDonald's here. Called Eldy and told him to expect us to arrive in about 7 hours. Reset the clock at 2 pm EST to 1 pm CST.

5:15 pm CST: Stop for gas at Black River, WI, added 8.0 gallons. Odometer: 1,274 miles.

8:00 pm CST: Arrived at Eldy's home in Bloomington, MN. Odometer: 1,432 miles. Elapsed time since leaving Medford, MA: approximately 28.5 hours.

Some highlights of 2004
  • After consultations with my dentist, an oral surgeon, and an orthodontist, got braces for the second time in my life as a necessary precursor toward getting a couple implants to replace a pair of teeth that were extracted when I was a teenager.
  • Started doing some informal aikido training with John.
  • Decided that due to the expense of the orthodontic work, I would not go home for Christmas, making it the first time I was ever away from my family for Christmas.
  • After a few years of talking about getting a cat, took in a stray found by friends of my friends.
Some highlights of 2005
  • After deciding in 2004 that I wanted to be seeing live music more often, started making a point of attending at least one show a month. That led to also writing about the shows in my LiveJournal, developing my music blogging skills.
  • Visited Canada for the first (and still only) time in my life, despite being of French-Canadian descent and growing up in New England, while my parents were here for a visit. We went to Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria.
  • Went to Bumbershoot for the first time.
  • Bought a condo and moved out of my apartment.

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