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a decade in Seattle, part 1 of 6

Boston to Seattle trip log
Thursday, March 7, 2002

11:30 am EST: This was the time Doug planned for us to leave. He got up early, even. Was the car packed and ready to go? No, it was not. Additional boxing and mailing of various belongings—mostly books and CDs, but a few stray other not-book items may have been shipped book rate—was followed by packing the car well past the point at which Doug kept saying, "No. There is no more room." Left behind: my minimal furniture, and very little else.

4:00 pm EST: The car quite obviously was riding really low over the rear tires, and there was some concern about whether it'd actually be drivable. A very cautious drive around the block did not result in any obvious alarming noises or difficulty.

4:30 pm EST: Left 99 Lincoln Road, Medford, Massachusetts. Stopped for 4 gallons of gas; a full tank is about 13 gallons. Headed out on I-90, westward-bound. Not the best time to be attempting to drive out of Boston (hello, evening commute); see 11:30 am EST.

7:45 pm EST: Stop for gas at a service area on I-90 just past Albany, NY, added 5.7 gallons. Odometer: 147 miles.

11:20 pm EST: Stop for gas at another service area on I-90 somewhere a bit east of Buffalo, NY, added 8.125 gallons. Odometer: 445 miles. Ate supper at Burger King here. Due to optimistically telling Eldy that we'd arrive at his place on Friday evening, and due to leaving 5 hours late (see 11:30 am EST), we kept on driving.

Some highlights of 2002
  • Moved to Seattle, of course.
  • Reunited with college friends, made new friends, including finally meeting John Harper after years of knowing him through the Talislanta email list. 
  • Started career in the software industry as a technical writer, editor, and software solution tester.
  • Visited Los Angeles for the first and still only time, for the Microsoft MGB Conference for work. Technically, first visit to the open Pacific Ocean, as there was a post-conference party at the Santa Monica pier, but I did not actually stand in the ocean.
  • Started my LiveJournal, although I only posted 4 times that year so nothing of substance there.
Some highlights of 2003
  • After being laid off from my first tech job due to circumstances unrelated to my work, picked up the next day by the start-up company of another college friend and a new Seattle friend. Began working more as a technical editor than a writer, continued doing software testing as well.
  • Had my apartment burgled. Fortunately did not lose anything very valuable (besides my sense of security), but still annoyed about losing some of the CDs to theft.
  • Visited Las Vegas for the second time (first was in 2000), for a fun weekend with friends who were attending another friend's wedding.
  • Took a trip to Maine in October for Jason's wedding.

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