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procrastination problem

Andrea reblogged—retumbld? reposted?—Amber Rae's "Unconventional Dictionary" proposal, which includes this entry:
procrastination. noun.
1 - your body’s way of rebelling against what your mind says you “should be doing.”
2 - an indication that you are working on the wrong thing. 
And I like the idea behind that. As my journal's long-term subtitle ("We Put the 'Pro' in 'Procrastination'", for those of you who might be reading this somewhere other than directly on my LiveJournal page) indicates, I'm no stranger to procrastination. I've long since accepted that it's a necessary part of my working process, it's apparently a means for my brain to come around to coping with work or organizing my thoughts subconsciously while I'm apparently distracting myself with irrelevant stuff. I think I've even written about that before, although I'm not finding any such posts by doing a quick check of the recent posts tagged "me" (to be fair, that's a lot of them) and I don't have a "procrastination" tag or anything else obvious to check (maybe "work" or "writing", perhaps). Oh wait, this is probably the post I was thinking of: "thought time, or indirect work". It's related, at least. Ha, and I wrote it a year ago, interesting. I know I'm also thinking about some other article or blog post on procrastination that Andrea must've linked at some time in the past and that I think I reposted on Facebook.

Anyhow, the point of all that is this. While I like the idea behind that definition, while it seems to sit well both with my own typical behavior and with other articles I've read in the past, it leaves me with a fundamental problem. What am I to do when I don't have time for procrastination? When I've agreed to do a project, and it's already running late, and I'm up against the need to get it done as soon as possible, but I'm still finding it difficult to move forward on it without spending a lot of time not looking at it? When it's already two in the morning and I don't particularly want to stay up another three hours finishing the work, but I really need it sent off before the start of the normal workday in the morning because I have other things to do tomorrow and again because the client would really like it done, now? 

Well, in this case apparently what I do is come to LiveJournal and write a post about it. And now I'll go back to struggling with finishing up this project.


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