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home for the holidays

Well, I hadn't intended to let another two weeks go by without posting, but the end of the year was fairly busy, mainly with work. This year for only the second time ever, "home for the holidays" meant staying in Seattle rather than going back to my parents' place in New Hampshire. Because of the lack of work I had back in the summer, I couldn't afford to fly home; by the time work picked up, it was too late, I needed the sudden influx of extra funds to catch up on my bills and obligations. I am still sorry I missed the family Christmas celebration, it means a lot to me. But it was kind of nice to not have to fuss with the packing and flying across the country and rushing about trying to visit others during the busy holidays and not having enough time to visit before wanting to be back in Seattle for my birthday. And I have been saying for several years now that I want to go back to visit New England some time when it isn't freezing-cold December, so my plan is to make a trip later this year, probably in the spring.

As it happens, in a sense I can't go home for Christmas anymore. Back in the summer, my parents finally put their house, my childhood home, up for sale and started looking for a smaller place of their own; they moved into a condo in October, and the house has now been sold, with the closing day pending later this month. I expect that I'll always feel at home to some extent in Nashua, and I'll probably continue to refer to visiting my parents as "going home", but I really won't be going home anymore, I'll just be going to my parents' place. And even then, it's been over eleven years since I moved out of my childhood home, first to live in a rental house outside Boston, and then moving from there to Seattle. Home, whether for the holidays or for everyday, is here in Seattle.

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