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two months off

Underworld, "Two Months Off" (radio edit), A Hundred Days Off (video embedded below)

(The radio edit doesn't really do justice to the whole song, but the video's kind of cool and it's what's available.)

I didn't really intend to take two months off from posting in my journal. As I noted in my last post, I had a lot going on in October, between volunteer work with KEXP for Decibel Festival, the fall membership drive, and the City Arts Festival, and paid work also at KEXP for a week full-time, followed by a couple freelance projects that took a lot more time than I was expecting. That carried on into November, which was one of the busiest months for work I've had as a freelancer. It was a bit odd in fact, as although I did still get out at least once each week to hang out with friends, I felt like for a good six weeks I spent all my waking time working. However, that was a much-needed counterpart to the six weeks in July and August when I spent no time working at all. In any case, although I did take one evening a week to do something fun with friends, I skipped trivia night a few times and I also had to skip all of my intern work for KEXP—I made it in once during my busy time but had to work on photos and blog posts for City Arts Fest coverage, rather than my usual content management tasks. Obviously, I also stopped trying to keep up with daily journal posts, not that there would've been much to say most days other than that I was still really busy.

Work eased up just before Thanksgiving, partly in volume and partly in pressure. I actually still have a fair amount of work to be doing, but I've been having a terrible time motivating myself this month to focus and get things done. That's a serious problem of course, as I do have work to do and I do need to keep up a good level of billable hours not just to finish recovering from the disastrously slow summer but also simply to carry forward with supporting myself—making a living, not just staving off collapse. I have some ideas for turning that around, though.

At first, I wasn't really interested in resuming my journal posts, either. Not that I intended to abandon the journal entirely, just that I knew I'd missed a couple music-related posts and didn't feel like catching up yet, and also didn't really have anything else to say. But I've had a growing restlessness in the past week or so, partly because my usual Internet haunts haven't offered enough distraction to keep me occupied, and partly because I've been wanting to dive into some good inspirational gaming fantasy material, but not finding anything in the usual places nor looking elsewhere, I've felt the urge instead to write more of my own. Perversely though, I deliberately waited until today to return to my journal just so that I could post the "Two Months Off" video, two months after my last post. 

Anyhow, I am still here (don't call it a comeback), and I will be posting more regularly, again, if not daily. I do still have some music-related posts to do, including a long-overdue review of the album Uncovered Volume 1 that I owe Unwoman, and also belated posts about Decibel Festival and City Arts Festival. And as I say, I want to do some more creative writing, more about Cetak and maybe other stuff further afield. I really have no good idea who reads this journal anymore; every now and then a friend mentions that they read it, which is cool, but now that Facebook is no longer automatically importing posts into the Notes app, I don't know whether people there will follow the Networked Blogs link back here to read. And of course with two months of silence, I may have lost some people too. But then this has always been an outlet for me before anything else, so I will write because I want to, and hope that someone else still reads and enjoys it.

As a sort of footnote: posting the "Two Months Off" video prompted me to listen to Underworld's 2010 album Barking, which I've only listened to a couple times since I got it, and not at all in months and months. I'm pleased to be reminded it's rather good, though I think it could use a bit more diversity in song styles, like A Hundred Days Off and Beaucoup Fish.
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